Research Opportunities

Hepatitis B Research Network

Hepatitis B in children can lead to social stigmatism, cirrhosis, cancer and endstage liver disease, yet our knowledge of the problem of pediatric HBV in North America is insufficient. To meet this gap, the NIDDK-funded Hepatitis B Research Network is launching both a pediatric cohort study to describe the natural history of this disease in children and a clinical trial for immunotolerant children. There are 7 pediatric sites: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Kathy Schwarz, M.D., PI); St. Louis University (Jeff Teckman, M.D.); UCSF (Phil Rosenthal, M.D.); University of Minnesota (Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, M.D.); University of Texas Southwest (Norberto Rodriguez-Baez, M.D.), University of Toronto (Simon Ling, M.D.); and the University of Washington (Karen Murray MD). We hope to enroll 500 children in the cohort study and 250 children in the immunotolerant trial. Details

Pediatric Resource Organization for Kids with Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases (PROKIIDS) and Pediatric IBD Research Network

The Pediatric IBD Research Network is now extending a request for participation to the NASPGHAN community through this communication. Our intent is to add an additional 7-10 centers to the current 13 (7 active, 6 in process of becoming active) over the next 4-6 months. The application form for centers that are interested in being considered for participation can be accessed here. Eligibility is based on qualifications as detailed on the application form and final decisions will be made by the selection committee composed of members of the Pediatric Network, the NASPGHAN IBD committee, and CCFA. Selection continues until all spots are filled and applications will be considered on a first come, first considered basis.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to your possible participation. Please contact any one of us listed here with questions.

Jeffrey Hyams, MD
Co-Chair, Selection Comm.

Robert Baldassano, MD
Co-Chair, Selection Comm.

Subra Kugathasan, MD
Principal Investigator