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Advocacy Tools

Over the past several years, NASPGHAN has sought ways to increase its advocacy efforts on a national level. To this end, members of the Public Affairs and Advocacy Committee, as well as NASPGHAN officers, have met with congressional representatives, in an attempt to educate our elected officials and promote legislation in support of pediatric gastroenterology. At a time when healthcare reform and economic instability are at the forefront of our national conscience, redoubling our advocacy efforts has become an even more critical objective.

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  • NASPGHAN members can strengthen its voice in Washington through use of a web-based advocacy tool, CAPWIZ.

    CAPWIZ will allow NASPGHAN members to:
    1. Easily access local and national legislators
    2. Identify upcoming legislation that may impact NASPGHAN members and their patients
    3. Use a template letter to send targeted messages to lawmakers
    CAPWIZ is utilized by more than 1700 organizations. In 2008, as a result of improved access to legislators, the CAPWIZ advocacy tool channeled approximately 18 million constituent messages to congressional representatives.

    Please click here to check out CAPWIZ
    This advocacy tool is user friendly, efficient and provides a simple and effective way to have our opinions heard. In an ongoing effort to target advocacy efforts, NASPGHAN leadership will continue to evaluate pending legislation and ask for the help of our members to advocate for our patients and families through the CAPWIZ program.