NASPGHAN Strategic Plan

NASPGHAN Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026

In 2023, NASPGHAN engaged a consulting firm (McKinley Advisors) to develop a strategic plan that would help guide us into the next 3 years of our future. As part of this effort, McKinley and NASPGHAN leaders have electronically surveyed all members, conducted virtual interviews with numerous stakeholders, and have also conducted both virtual and in person strategic planning sessions. We also sent a draft of the strategic plan to all NASPGHAN members for their input.

The participation of all our members collectively helped to inform and develop our plan for moving forward.

The final Strategic Plan was reviewed and adopted by the NASPGHAN Strategic Planning Task Force and subsequently by the NASPGHAN Council in September. The National Office Staff in concert with leadership are currently working on the operating plan for 2024 (tactical) and key performance measures.

The plan and the process are represented graphically below.

Strategic Planning Process:

Table 1

The National Office Staff in concert with leadership are currently working on the operating plan for 2024 (tactical) and key performance measures.

Final Strategic Plan - 2024 - 2026
The final strategic plan concentrates on four key strategic priorities:

Member Engagement
Optimize engagement by ensuring that NASPGHAN provides and communicates inclusive and equitable opportunities for all members to learn, grow and contribute across career levels and practice settings.

Organizational Effectiveness
Ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the Society by investing in the infrastructure and human resources needed to advance our mission.

Professional Advocacy
Improve the well-being of our members by addressing practice and policy issues of importance to pediatric gastroenterologists.

Quality Care and Research
Improve equity in health outcomes for children in all communities by diversifying our workforce and positioning our members with safe, equitable and evidence-based resources.

For each strategic priority, objectives were developed (see Table 2).

Strategic Outcomes

The strategic outcomes for this plan were formulated as follows:

  • NASPGHAN is recognized as the authority on pediatric digestive disorders in North America.
  • A growing pediatric GI workforce will become more diverse and possess the skills, knowledge, and cultural sensitivity necessary to effectively address their patients’ needs.
  • Pediatric gastroenterologists spend less time on administrative burdens and more time on patient care, education and research, which will enhance job satisfaction.
  • All members view NASPGHAN as an inclusive organization where they feel empowered to engage, grow, and make an impact on the field and the Society.
  • NASPGHAN has laid the foundation for the next generation of leaders and positioned the organization for a sustained and vibrant future.

Strategic Objectives:
Table 2
Table 2

Thanks to all of our members for participating in this important process and especially those who agreed to be interviewed and the Strategic Planning Task Force.

Dominique Bailey
Robyn Bailey
John Barnard
Athos Bousvaros
David Burnett
Debra Burrowes
Jorge Chavez Saenz
Bruno Chumpitazi
Mitchell Cohen
Valeria Cohran
Conrad Cole
Jennifer Colombo
Douglas Fishman
Julia Fritz
Glenn Furuta
Jose Garza
Benjamin Gold
Melanie Greifer
Amber Hildreth
Evelyn Hsu
Jeannie Huang
Nicola Jones
Binita Kamath
Sandra Kim
Rohit Kohli
Christine Lee
Ian Leibowitz
Jenifer Lightdale
Kathleen Loomes
Peter Lu
Cara Mack
Petar Mamula
Kara Margolis
Maria Mascarenas
Elizabeth Mileti
Veronique Morinville
Jonathan Moses
Dedrick Moulton
Karen Murray
Vicky Ng
Natalie Nguyen
Maria Oliva Hemker
Anthony Otley
David Piccoli
John Pohl
Bram Raphael
Sur Rhee
Kathleen Regan
Matt Riley
Norberto Rodriguez Baez
Kim Rose
Rachel Rosen
Rina Sanghavi
Ann Scheimann
Jason Silverman
Laura Smith
Dennis Spencer
Margaret Stallings
Jennifer Strople
Sana Syed
Jonathan Teitelbaum
Justine Turner
Menno Verhave

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