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NASPGHAN Advocates for Fluticasone HFA for EoE Patients
In early January, NASPGHAN wrote to all the major insurance companies and their pharmacy benefit management companies requesting that they include fluticasone HFA as a preferred medication to ensure patients with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) have consistent access to treatment. The letters were prompted following the discontinuance of Flovent HFA by Manufacturer GSK. NASPGHAN members have reported that insurance formularies have transitioned to breath-actuated inhalers as their preferred inhaled steroid formulation, making it difficult, if not impossible, for EoE patients to access to effective medical therapy.

NASPGHAN Contacts Insurers following Flovent Discontinuation
As detailed in a December story published by CNN, which featured NASPGHAN member Erin Syverson, MD, GSK is manufacturing an “authorized generic” version of Flovent, which is identical but without the same branding. Some insurers, however, are excluding from formularies the new authorized generics because they say they are more expensive than brand name medications.

The NASPGHAN letter explains Flovent HFA is administered by a metered dose inhaler by which the aerosolized medication is swallowed by the patient to coat the esophagus for topical treatment and that breath-actuated dry-powder inhalers cannot be used for EoE because they cannot be swallowed.

NASPGHAN is compiling payer-specific information which will be posted here as it becomes available. Read the NASPGHAN-developed guidance in response to the Flovent discontinuation.

NASPGHAN members whose patients are having difficulty accessing fluticasone HFA or other treatment for EoE should email NASPGHAN at

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