Bowel Sounds – History Episode

In this special episode, Dr. Peter Lu and Dr. Jennifer Lee share their favorite stories from interviews with past presidents of NASPGHAN about the history of pediatric gastroenterology and our beloved society. Our guests tell us about the early days of our field, the creation of NASPGHAN, the many ways our society has grown over time, and also a few hilarious incidents that happened along the way. Listen here.

As part of the celebration of NASPGHAN’s 50th anniversary at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, our hosts (including Dr. Temara Hajjat and Dr. Jason Silverman) were asked to interview our past presidents with the full interviews to be uploaded to an interactive timeline on our society website. Check out the timeline to hear the full interviews!

Finally, we want to recognize the late Dr. Jim Heubi, a past president and leader in the field who loved our society. It was his idea to record and commemorate the history of our society for the 50th anniversary Annual Meeting. We hope this episode continues his mission.

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