NASPGHAN 50th Anniversary

NASPGHAN 50th Anniversary History Project

View the celebratory I am NASPGHAN video.

NASPGHAN celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. The occasion highlighted the Society’s history with a timeline detailing the seminal events that have made NASPGHAN into the organization it is today. Professor Jim Heubi proposed that a concerted effort be made to develop a comprehensive, yet concise history of our Society’s origins and highlights. Specifically, Dr. Heubi envisioned a “living” timeline that could be found on the NASPGHAN website with digital, written and video materials. It now serves as an everlasting accessible archive. The completion of the timeline was accomplished after Dr. Heubi’s passing under the leadership of Drs. Harland Winter, Melvin Heyman and Joel Rosh. Past presidents provided invaluable input as well as personal interviews conducted by our Bowel Sounds Team.

This is a living document and will and can be continuously updated. You have the opportunity to add events/pictures by using the timeline submission form found here.



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