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Hispanic Heritage and Women in Medicine Months

October 2021 – In the United States, September 15th – October 15th is celebrated as National Hispanic Heritage Month. This time period each year was instituted as an official month of observation and recognition (PUBLIC LAW 100-402) in 1988 to celebrate Hispanic histories, cultures and contributions.  North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) would like to use this opportunity to recognize the contribution of all our members of Hispanic ancestry. As a society NASPGHAN is committed to improving diversity within Pediatric Gastroenterology and decreasing disparities in disease outcomes in minority populations.

September 2021 – Progress of Women in Pediatric Gastroenterology; Where Do We Stand?

September is Women in Medicine Month, therefore we would like to celebrate this with you and honor the physicians who support women physicians. We would like to bring your attention how NASPGHAN support Women in Medicine.

NASPGHAN recognizes the value of gender diversity within our organization. Therefore, The Professional Development Committee mission has been to examine current issues of gender, diversity, equality, wellbeing and trends in the profession and their impact on the professional development of our members.

We partner with other GI and Pediatric societies as needed to align and facilitate achieving goals that are appropriate for NASPGHAN membership. We organize the Professional Development Committee Symposium and Women in Medicine Breakfast during the NASPGHAN Annual Meeting. We are members of the Gastroenterology Women Coalition (GWC) for advancing women’s careers in GI and Hepatology during Digestive Disease Week. We help plan the meeting and there is always a NASPGHAN speaker. We also conduct a transparent, systematic committee applicant review and oversee appointment of NASPGHAN members to each of the various NASPGHAN committees on an annual basis, with specific attention to optimizing the equity and diversity of committee membership and leadership.

Gitit Tomer MD, Chair Professional Development Committee, Rina Sanghavi MD, Vice Chair Professional Development Committee

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