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May 5, 8:00 PM - Register Now
Integrating QI into your practice and career
Moderator: Shehzad Saeed, MD, Dayton Children's Hospital
Speakers: Jenifer Lightdale, MD, MPH, UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center, Jennifer Dotson, MD, MPH, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Maireade McSweeney, MD,MPH, Children's Hospital, Dana Michelle Dykes, MD, Children's Center for Digestive Health Care and Kelly Sandberg, MD, Dayton Children's Hospital

April 7, 8:00 PM ET  - Register Now
Social media: How to be a smart advocate
Moderators: Rebecca Winderman, MD, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and Peter Lu, MD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Speakers: Jaime Friedman, MD, Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and Austin Chiang, MD, MPH, Thomas Jefferson University

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