Ulcerative Colitis

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Bowel Sounds Ep. 2: imPACt Podcast Collaboration – What Your IBD Patient Wishes You Knew

In this episode, Dr. Temara Hajjat and Dr. Jason Silverman speak with the ImproveCareNow imPACt podcast team (Fionna Kopp, Christian Lawson, Shira Futornick) about different aspects of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). During the episode, they address four major topics from the patient's perspective: Inclusive care in IBD, body image in IBD, family and social life,

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Bowel Sounds Ep. 7: Judith Kelsen – Very Early Onset IBD

In this episode of Bowel Sounds, hosts Drs. Temara Hajjat and Peter Lu talk to Dr. Judith Kelsen about the presentation, evaluation, and management of children with very early onset inflammatory bowel disease (VEO-IBD). Learning Objectives1) To define and describe the clinical presentation of very early onset IBD2) To examine diagnostic strategies for patients with very

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