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How to Introduce New Technology to Your Pediatric Practice

LIVE WEBINAR July 17, 2024 8PM ET Pediatric gastroenterologists are frequent users of technology, but most practitioners use existing offerings provided to them by the hospital. This webinar will provide an understanding of the process to evaluate new technology, describe the basics of developing a business plan, explain the concept of healthcare value in evaluating

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Single Topic Symposium

Submission Site Open: June 20, 2024 Submission Deadline: July 31, 2024 The goal of NASPGHAN Single Topic Symposia (STS) is to bring together a wide range of experts in a particular field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, or nutrition in order to share their work, create synergy and collaboration, advance research, and provide an educational platform

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NEW WEBINAR! The Impact of Patient Provider Relationships, Family Dynamics and an Integrative Therapeutic Approach on Clinical Outcomes in FAPDs

June 18 8PM ET Children diagnosed with FAPDs are more likely to have decreased quality of life and to develop psychiatric or psychological comorbidities. Vital to the clinical success of the patient is both the patient and the family’s understanding and belief in the diagnosis. This webinar will bring you a detailed discussion on the importance

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Grant Orientation Webinar ON DEMAND

As grant submission deadlines draw closer, visit LearnOnLine to get answers to your most frequently asked questions, and learn how to apply for one of the numerous NASPGHAN Foundation grants available in 2024! Join the co-chairs of the NASPGHAN Grants Subcommittee of the Research Committee for an informative session on “how to apply” to the

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Pediatric Esophageal Dysphagia Webinar


Emerging Trends in Pediatric Esophageal Dysphagia There are multiple causes for esophageal dysphagia in children – some are congenital while others are acquired – and addressing swallowing issues in pediatric patients requires a comprehensive approach. It is vital for providers to understand the clinical presentations associated with these conditions. Join Emerging Trends in Pediatric Esophageal Dysphagia to

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NEW WEBINAR on Pediatric Constipation, April 17

Pediatric Constipation: Evaluation, Management and When to Refer to a Motility Specialist April 17, 2024 8PM ET REGISTER TODAY Pediatric Constipation: Evaluation, Management and When to Refer to a Motility Specialist brings you a discussion of the clinical tools to evaluate and manage pediatric functional constipation, when to refer to a motility specialist, the role of

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Call for Webinar proposals!

Do you, your SIG or your committee have a concept for a NASPGHAN webinar? We are pleased to announce a new streamlined method for the submission and review of webinar proposals. Proposals will be reviewed by the Professional Education Committee twice a year (February 15 and July 15 for 2024) and then scheduled accordingly if

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NASPGHAN AAP Collaboration – On Demand Webinar

      Join Dr. Mercedes Martinez at this joint NASPGHAN and AAP webinar to learn best practices for understanding HCV in children and knowing how to manage the infection in pediatric patients.  Dr. Martinez covers the virology and epidemiology of hepatitis C infection; when and how newborns should be screened; the clinical presentation of

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Asian Pan Pacific Society

NASPGHAN APPSPGHAN Joint Webinar, March 31/April 1

Pediatric Digestive Concerns: Nutritional Issues in Children and Adolescents March 31 8PM ET April 1 7AM (GMT +7) CME and MOC Part II Webinar We are proud to bring you our fifth collaboration with APPSPGHAN, When East Meets the West in Pediatric Digestive Concerns: Nutritional Issues in Children and Adolescents.  This webinar will cover important

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