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NASPGHAN AAP Collaboration – On Demand Webinar

      Join Dr. Mercedes Martinez at this joint NASPGHAN and AAP webinar to learn best practices for understanding HCV in children and knowing how to manage the infection in pediatric patients.  Dr. Martinez covers the virology and epidemiology of hepatitis C infection; when and how newborns should be screened; the clinical presentation of

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Asian Pan Pacific Society

NASPGHAN APPSPGHAN Joint Webinar, March 31/April 1

Pediatric Digestive Concerns: Nutritional Issues in Children and Adolescents March 31 8PM ET April 1 7AM (GMT +7) CME and MOC Part II Webinar We are proud to bring you our fifth collaboration with APPSPGHAN, When East Meets the West in Pediatric Digestive Concerns: Nutritional Issues in Children and Adolescents.  This webinar will cover important

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Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease: Nutrition

NEW WEBINAR! Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease: Nutrition January 11, 2023 8PM ET Children with cholestatic liver diseases have unique nutritional requirements. Without bile reaching their intestines, they often suffer from fat-malabsorption and associated consequences. As a result, they require formulas with special fat preparations, as well as intensive monitoring to ensure adequate growth. They also

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Check out the NEW available webinars!

NASPGHAN is pleased to have added new On Demand webinars to its offerings, along with upcoming LIVE events! The What, How and Ifs of Optimizing Early Childhood Growth and Long-Term Outcomes, Part Two LIVE WEBINAR DECEMBER 7, 2022 8:00 PM ET CME/MOC/CPE Webinar Understanding normal childhood growth is essential for quick recognition and intervention for

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WEBINAR: Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease: Diagnostics

Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease August 17, 2022 8:00 PM ET REGISTER HERE! Cholestatic Jaundice is a rare presentation of various hepatobiliary, metabolic, and genetic disorders, and cholestasis typically presents in the neonatal/infantile period but can also present late in older children or even adults. Early diagnosis and appropriate management of the underlying condition are

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On Demand Webinar: Latest Guidance on Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutrition is modern medical miracle for patients with gastrointestinal issues that need nutrition.  However, parenteral nutrition has some potential risks and long-term side effects.  Therefore, the biggest question about parenteral nutrition is who to start it on and when? Latest Guidance on Parenteral Nutrition examines new guidelines concerning the decision on when parenteral nutrition

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Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Alagille Syndrome LIVE Webinar (On Demand available)

February 8, 2021 8:00 PM ET NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND Alagille syndrome (ALGS) is a multi-system autosomal dominant disorder that often presents with neonatal cholestasis.  First described over 50 years ago by Daniel Alagille, this complex syndrome is caused by mutations in JAG1 or NOTCH2, encoding components of the Notch signaling pathway. Ongoing research has

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Tips for Navigating the Virtual Meeting

Pack Up the Van – The NASPGHAN Annual Meeting is Going Virtual in 2020 NASPGHAN would like to thank all of you who have registered for the Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course as well as the many exhibiting companies who are participating in the event. There is still time to register. Here are some helpful

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Bowel Sounds Podcast

In the latest episode of Bowel Sounds, hosts Drs. Peter Lu and Jennifer Lee talk to Dr. Evelyn Hsu about liver transplantation in children and how to become a pediatric transplant hepatologist.  We talk about what inspired her to become a transplant hepatologist and introduce the topic of pediatric liver transplantation, including its indications, contraindications, and

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Attainment of the prestigious Fellow of NASPGHAN status is reserved for those NASPGHAN members that have made significant contributions to the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology or nutrition. Members with a strong career track record for success as clinicians, physician scientists (MD/DO, MD/DO/PhD) or researchers (PhD/ MSC) in the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and

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