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Bowel Sounds – History Episode

In this special episode, Dr. Peter Lu and Dr. Jennifer Lee share their favorite stories from interviews with past presidents of NASPGHAN about the history of pediatric gastroenterology and our beloved society. Our guests tell us about the early days of our field, the creation of NASPGHAN, the many ways our society has grown over

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NEW! ON DEMAND and LIVE Webinars

The What, How and Ifs of Optimizing Early Childhood Growth and Long-Term Outcomes, Part Two LIVE WEBINAR DECEMBER 7, 2022 8:00 PM ET CME/MOC/CPE Webinar Understanding normal childhood growth is essential for quick recognition and intervention for deviations in growth and nutrient intake associated with long-term risk for disease and poor health. This Part Two

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WEBINAR: Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease: Diagnostics

Children with Cholestatic Liver Disease August 17, 2022 8:00 PM ET REGISTER HERE! Cholestatic Jaundice is a rare presentation of various hepatobiliary, metabolic, and genetic disorders, and cholestasis typically presents in the neonatal/infantile period but can also present late in older children or even adults. Early diagnosis and appropriate management of the underlying condition are

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