NASPGHAN 50th Anniversary

NASPGHAN 50th Anniversary Celebration

NASPGHAN is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year!

We are working on a number of exciting projects that include:

• A virtual timeline on our website, which will be interactive and enduring
• A video celebrating our Society and our members
• A gala event at this year’s annual meeting in Orlando.

Consider this your official invitation letter to attend this historic event. Registration will open in June.

In addition to these activities, we are launching a fundraising campaign – “I AM NASPGHAN – 50 years of progress.” The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to commemorate 50 years of our Society’s accomplishments and to ensure all of our NASPGHAN programs, grants, and resources will consistently be available for you and your patients. We are aiming for 100% participation in this campaign from you, our members. We hope you will join us in showing your commitment to the future of your professional home.

Over the past 50 years, there have been countless NASPGHAN programs that have benefitted all members. We want to continue to expand these in the future, whether it be:
• The Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course
• Hands on Courses
• Fellows and Junior Faculty Conferences
• Guidelines and Position Papers
• Teaching and Tomorrow Program, Grants, Awards, Mentoring Programs
• JPGN and JPGN Reports
• Continuing Education – Learn on Line and Webinars
• GIKids – Patient Materials
• DEI initiatives
• Advocacy for our profession and our patients
• All of our special networking events and opportunities

Please join us by showing your support for NASPGHAN as we celebrate 50 years of accomplishments and look to 50 more. No donation is too small! We want everyone to participate. You are NASPGHAN, we are NASPGHAN – your donation to the I AM NASPGHAN campaign will demonstrate your commitment to the future of our Society.


Benjamin D. Gold MD

Jenifer Lightdale MD
President Elect

Norberto Rodriguez Baez MD
Secretary Treasurer

Karen F. Murray MD
Past President

Menno Verhave MD
President, NASPGHAN Foundation

Ann Scheimann MD
President Elect, NASPGHAN Foundation

Jeannie Huang MD
Secretary Treasurer, NASPGHAN Foundation

Barry Wershil MD
Past President, NASPGHAN Foundation

And the entire 50th Anniversary Fundraising Team
Barry Wershil MD
Jeannie S. Huang MD
Norberto Rodriguez Baez MD
Ann Scheimann MD
Patrick Reeves MD
Paul Tran MD



The Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses
Help & Hope for Children with Digestive Disorders
Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
JPGN Reports